Alessandro Roma


Alessandro Roma plays with the concepts of perception of the indefinite: on the one hand his works are related to the classic themes of the pictorial tradition of landscape, on the other investigate their limits and are circumventing the formal techniques in favor of a continuous casting between memory and imagination.

The nature, chosen theme for Roma, is interpreted as a magical place where continuous and unpredictable metamorphoses occur generated by the unpredictability of a “free” vision and at the same time by the attempt to fix them, dominating them, in new formal structures. Clues of natural forms, not totally recognizable leave the viewer space for ever new interpretations of the image.

His works tend to urge a special form of eye catharsis, inviting the viewer to immerse in a maze of personal memories, references and suggestions. The images lead in a state between sleep and wakefulness that could be called of daydream.

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