Andrea Prandi: comic strips, cinema and video art


2017 is a successful year for Andrea Prandi, whose works were exhibited at the 57. Venice International Biennial  in La Marge exhibition curated by Daniele Radini Tedeschi in the Guatemala Pavillion, during the Expo of Bologna and the XI Florence Biennale (just to name a few).Prandi is an versatile artist with an extensive professional formation. He starts indeed his career as cartoonist, attending for many years the study of professor Giorgio Scarato, a scholar of Accademia Cignaroli and an internationally renown illustrator. This experience induces him to master the painting on canvas and teaches him the secrets of drawing and cartoon. In addition to the comics, Andrea has another great passion, the cinema. Andrea, in fact, specializes in screenplay and directing and learns techniques and secrets of the top talents of cartoon films.

The key themes of Prandi’s artistic production are intimist and of universal significance. In the early years of his production he devotes himself to the theme of memory. Indeed he has a view to seizing the day in its emotional essence, by making works where three-dimensional canvases, frames and engravings combine into original artistic compositions. His successive creations, which are the results of the encounter between art and science, focus deeply on the secrets of the cosmos, and give rise to the collection The Mysteries of the Universe.

Andrea Prandi’s art is multidisciplinary and ranges from painting on canvas to illustration, from photography to digital art, from screenplay to directing. In his latest production, The Four Seasons of the Soul, the artist combines video art and photography, and narrates the evolutionary path of the soul that changes over time in the continuous search for itself.

Andrea thinks art is a food for thought, because art was born from introspection and its ultimate goal is the change. To concretize this idea, Prandi has a predilection for Video Art as an expressive medium. Which is not a random choice if you think about his formative background. Indeed is there anything that can better combine the interest for cinema, for narration, and for the will to create dreams? Prandi himself argues that his artistic production is based on the need to tell stories through the development of a new and personal stylistic path. If you ask Prandi: “Do you think digital art is the new frontier of contemporary art?”, he answers curiously.

“Today, art’s weakness is the inability to explain itself”. Through a film you can develop a storytelling, a narration that makes art comprehensible and accessible. Art’s accessibility then creates the visitor’s reaction, which can be understanding or emotion and which is then conveyed and shared. The goal of his art is sharing, the visitor’s involvement. He or she must feel involved and realize that the world can change through his or her even small contribution.

In only six years (he starts to exhibit in 2011), Prandi participates in several exhibitions in Italy and abroad, including London, Miami and Barcelona. One of his most important experiences is the exhibition in Rome in the Bramante Halls (2016), in Bologna in the Farini Concept Gallery, in Copenhagen at the Art Nordic Exhibition and in Venice at the Fondazione Mazzoleni in the JW Marriott Venice resort on the occasion of 73 Venice Film Festival.

 What will be his next step?

6Andrea Prandi, I fiori della Terra, Installazion and video art, 2017

3aAndrea Prandi, Somnium et Incubo, spatial composition, digital art with plexiglass, 190×190 cm, 2017


Andrea Prandi, Panspermia, digital art and back light, 160×160 cm, 2015

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