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One of the most awaited moments of the year in Milan is surely Fashion week: a vast program of events where designers of international fame not only participate but also gather and mingle. In just a few weeks the fashion world will be condensed in this one city, where next years autumn/winter collections will be presented and new styles and trends will be created.
Recently, we have been witnesses of a new sort of contamination – between art and fashion. It’s more and more common to see designers using works of art in order to create unique pieces of clothing. Is this due to an absence of creativity or is it just a commercial choice?

Espinasse31, the well known artist residency, will make an attempt to answer this difficult question during the event “Art fucks Fashion”, taking place on the 22nd February. There the public will have the opportunity to follow the thread that intertwines art and fashion into one. The prominent artists to be walking on that evening’s cat walk will be: Leonor Anthony, Antonio Guccione, Leo Castaneda, Simone Monte and Alex Korolkovas – all connected by their passion of fashion design and female beauty.

After her recent participation in The Venice Biennial, the Cuban artist Leonor Anthony has dedicated some of her time to new projects that connect her personal artistic experiences and the fashion world. She explains: “Fashion is wearable art, art that is alive, moving and ever changing. The two things are completely interrelated . Since all of my work reflect who I am and my voice regarding society and all its ramifications, it is extremely easy to link the two.”

In occasion of the exhibition, Leonor will be working on the project “Objects of Passion”, where the main focus will be set on the phisicality of objects such as bags, shoes and hats: “When one thinks of passion we think of shoes, material, clothes, glasses, even cars…all of these objects exude sensuality… Passion.”

Antonio Guccione, on the other hands, is convinced that art and fashion have two completely different communicative roles. Antonio is one of the most noted Italian fashion photographers, working exclusively with brands such as Versace, Cavalli, Moschino and Moncler. “Fashion will never have a communicative role, as art does, because it follows certain flows of a moment to subsequently become a costume… of course, it can express its meaning through art… but just as a feeling.”

Between the various shots of models and actresses, Antonio will also present his legendary “Skulls”, a series of photographs showing the “remains” of celebrities in the world of fashion and art: “it is my personal sensitivity that drives me to create my work, the Skulls series is an hommage to history, a way to remember the past existance of important charachters such as Frida Kahlo, Yves Saint Laurent and Andy Warhol … an attemt in keeping them alive.”

Visitors will also be curious to see the photographs of the Brazilian artist Simone Monte. Her worldly views are expressed through her lence, which focuses on the erotic and sensual charge that a garment worn by a woman can give off: “For me sex and art go together like pasta al tartufo: perfect match. When I work on a sensual or erotic essay it is as if I’m taking a selfie. In a shooting, when I direct the model it is the moment when I am able to see myself through her. I enjoy provoking others through my photos, I wish they are taken by desire when gazing my work.” In the exhibition itself the public will have the opportunity to admire “The Game”, the photograph awarded by The National Geographic with an honorable mention: “There is always a sensual edge in my images. In the Rio de Janeiro essay, which is about beach soccer on the sands of Ipanema at sun down, you will find subtle, nuanced erotic layers in the images. The human body and its muscles are so beautiful – look at the amazing Renaissance artists fascinated with the beauty of the body! I don’t photoshop the skin, I prefer bathing it with light while keeping the imperfections since I see them as signs of beauty and marks of life that only belong to a specific individual.”

Strongly inspired by the power that beauty exudes in the fashion world is Alex Korolkovas, one of the most talented photographers still active in the fashion world. His shots are a real hommage to femininity, created with a touch of glamour and originality: “Beauty is very important to me. I believe that all the work that happens in creating fashion, like; the clothing design, the casting of models, make up and hair, art direction, all come together when we create a fashion photograph, only then, in the pages of the magazines and websites, does fashion fulfill its destiny, even in a single shot.”

Looking at Korolkovas’ photographs, the audiance will surely be able to find interesting similarities with famous works of art that bring to mind his favorite artists: Warhol, Hockney, Mapplethorpe, Basquiat amongst many others: “lately I have been very interested in street art, I think the real artist revolution today is in the streets, my latest series is a combination of my photography and appropriations of street art photos that I take everywhere I go.”

During the exhibition, Espinasse 31 will show Leo Castaneda‘s video art: “Item Showroom”, where virtual art and reality work togheter: “My work is an effort to turn the structures of video gaming into a lens to analize the world. “Levels”, “Bosses”, “Items”, “Continues”, “Extra Lives”, and much more are the words that dominate the world of virtual entertainment. These labelling systems delineate and provide hierarchies reminiscent of both ancient mythologies and corporate structures, while highlighting the arbitrariness of their boundaries and naming.

Annaida Mari


Art Fucks Fashion
Opening: February 22nd 19.30 – 22.30
2018 February 22 – March 23

Leonor Anthony, North Haven, 2017, 48 x 60 in, Mixed Media on Canvas.jpegLeonor Anthony, North Haven, 2017, 121 x 152 cm – Mixed Media on Canvas

Andy Warhol New York 1987 (c) Antonio Guccione 2009Antonio Guccione, Skull series, Andy Warhol, New York, 1987 – 2009, 93 x 75 cm 9+1 a/p ed

Frida Kahlo Coyocan 1954 (C) Antonio Guccione 2009Antonio Guccione, Skull series, Frida Kahlo, Coyocan, 1954 – 2009, 93 x 75 cm – 9+1 a/p ed

Simone Monte The Game, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2015Simone Monte The Game, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2015

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