Brea Flúor: reflections on urban space. Juan López, Carlos Maciá


From January 21st to April 1st Gallery Luis Adelantado Valencia presents solo exhibitions of artists Juan López (Cantabria, 1979) and Carlos Maciá (Lugo, 1977) under the same title ‘Brea Flúor ‘. The link between both artists’ works revolve around a reflection over the urban space and how it affects us in one way or the other.For this reason, Maciá and López perform different site-specific interventions in different rooms of the gallery, creating a kind of complement and dialogue between them.

The very moment we enter the gallery we are submerged in an urban space created by Juan López. It is a skyline made of vinyl which plays on the contrast of the hard block of the floor with the loose pieces on the wall, giving movement to the entire work.  Everything leads to minimal expression, starting from the colors and ending with the lines which delimit the city. This work is complemented by a series of collages and sculptural elements of the Hall Four, working as sketches of spatial interventions.

Carlos Maciá presents three different interventions. The first is influenced by his recent approximation to Pichaçao, a specific form of graffiti in Sao Paulo that rises to claim the dehumanisation and alienation of the large urbi. For the making of this work he uses vibrant and fluorescent colors, full of life, the opposite of López’s. The second is a group of pieces that are part of the series ‘Markers’, which operate and are articulated in a single work. Finally, he achieves a minimum pictorial intervention across the railing of the gallery stairs, creating a nexus of union between the different proposals.

Brea Fluor – Juan López, Carlos Maciá
Galleria Luis Adelandado Valencia,
Calle Bonaire 6, 46003, Valencia
21 January / 1 April

Roberta Paternò


Carlos Maciá. Sin Título Nº. 79 (Series Markers), 2016


Brea Fuor, Juan Lopez, Ignoring the guidelines


Juan López. Instalación, 2016


Carlos Maciá. Pixo II, 2016

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