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  • Ulderico Tramacere. The poetic essentiality of photography

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    The shots by the photographer Ulderico Tramacere (1975) recount events, landscapes and atmospheres of today’s Italy, summarizing its essence in powerful symbolic black and white images. In 2016 he was awarded in the “Proposal MIA” section for Pecora Nera at MIA Photo Fair in Milan, where he will return in March with a new project. […]

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  • Polyphony of Knowledges. Serpentine Marathon 2017

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    One of the cultural appointments of major relevance of the Art Week in London, although it as a whole had an independent format given its distinctive and experimental character in an interdisciplinary and activistic sense, was definitely the Guest, Ghost, Host: MACHINE! Marathon curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist for the Serpentine Galleries where he is […]