• Studio
  • Alessandro Roma


    Alessandro Roma plays with the concepts of perception of the indefinite: on the one hand his works are related to the classic themes of the pictorial tradition of landscape, on the other investigate their limits and are circumventing the formal techniques in favor of a continuous casting between memory and imagination.

  • Studio
  • Adi Haxhiaj


    Memories of the lived, gaseous spaces, paintings like apparition sites. Liquid pictures on the skin of things to evoke their openness. Gaps and grooves in which the present fills the void left by the past. Scattered gazed and multiple visions that come and touch us. Imagine taking upon themselves, devouring themselves. Ricordanza as a memorial of […]

  • Studio
  • Sara Bonaventura


    Sara is a visual artist with an MA in Art History. She loves to intertwine her digi or analog filming with her frame by frame animation and found footage. As independent videomaker she has been collaborating with performers and musicians, such as Carla Bozulich, vjing, directing clips, adv.

  • Studio
  • Ben Grosser


    The heart of digital technologies is software, a human-designed structure for computation that gives these technologies agency and enables them to interact with others. I focus on the cultural, social, and political effects of software. What does it mean for human creativity when a computational system can paint its own artworks?