Centre Pompidou and Fondazione Bonotto in support of hors-livre literature


From the collaboration between Centre Pompidou in Paris and Fondazione Bonotto in Molvena the creation of a new literary prize arises, Prix Littéraire Bernard Heidsieck – Center Pompidou, an innovative prize dedicated to the different expressions and forms of literature out of the book.

This partnership stems from the common will to continue to support and promote literature experimentations born in the second half of the 20th century and whose influences still affect nowadays contemporary art creation. Luigi Bonotto Collection has been devoted, since the Seventies, to Fluxus and Concrete, Visual and Sound Poetry, and Fondazione Bonotto, with its archive, is a point of reference for academics, researchers and enthusiasts.

Fondazione Bonotto has always aimed to promote, through the organization of exhibitions, conferences and events, Luigi Bonotto Collection, as well as the research continuation making available its own archive and the creation of scholarships and research centers. Similarly in the Seventies, Centre Pompidou has set up a festival devoted to innovative and experimental poetry, Polyphonix, a poetical, visual and performative arts gathering involving many performers, writers, poets and artists involved in the change contemporary poetry was experiencing. For the anniversary of its forty years of activity, Centre Pompidou has decided to propose the historic festival but with an innovative role: indeed, the new Festival Extra ! will take place from the 6th to the 10th of September.

During the opening the prize will be awarded as an homage to literary experimentations free from traditional writing and it is structured in three categories: Prix d’honneur, to an artist whose work generally reflects the concept of non-book literature; Prix de l’année, for a specific artwork belonging to non-book literature and then, La Méntion Spéciale Fondazione Bonotto, to an author selected by a special jury formed by Fondazione Bonotto.

The award’s name honors a pioneer of Poèsie Sonore in Paris since 1955, named soon Poèsie Action: Bernard Heidsieck. From the need to make poetry free from the book’s structure, Bernard Heidsieck realizes from the Fifties his first Poèmes Partitions, where the book’s page changes in score, jump towards the action poetry: through the use of voice and body the text is projected towards the audience, until the poetry permanently separate from the book page. To release poetry from the book and to renew through action remain two important and strong influences still present in the contemporary expressions hors-livre that Prix Littéraire Bernard Heidsieck – Center Pompidou would like to honor and to give a new light.

Prix Littéraire Bernard Heidsieck – Centre Pompidou
6th September 2017
prize awarded on the festival Extra ! opening
from 6 to 10 September 2017
Centre Pompidou, Paris

4. Arrigo Lora Totino e l'idromegafono, 1968

Arrigo Lora Totino e l’idromegafono, 1968

5. Julien Blaine, Chut _ Chute. Version typographique, 1985-86

Julien Blaine, Chut _ Chute. Version typographique, 1985-86

6. Logo del Prix Littéraire Bernard Heidsieck - Centre Pompidou

 Logo del Prix Littéraire Bernard Heidsieck – Centre Pompidou

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A seguito di una laurea in Lingue e letterature straniere, si specializza in Economia e Gestione delle Arti e delle Attività culturali presso l'Università Cà Foscari di Venezia. Ha collaborato con diverse gallerie d'arte contemporanea, musei e fondazioni private a Parigi e Amsterdam, per poi tornare a Venezia. Attualmente lavora presso la Fondazione Bonotto.

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