Cristian Chironi


Cristian Chironi uses different languages ​​and materials, often relating them. In a combination of elements, suggestions, input, emotions, which lead to new visual narratives and perceptions. He has realized performative and installative site-specific works, always looking for the interaction with the environment, both human (the public) and environmental (space). His research aims to relate reality and fiction, memory and modernity, figure and image, conflict and integration, material and immaterial.

Cristian Chironi born in Nuoro in 1974. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. Lives and works in Europe. He has exhibited in various spaces in Italy and abroad. Among the recent exhibitions it’s worth mentioning the solo show My house is à Le Corbusier in Bologna; Paris and Marseille. My house is à Le Corbusier is a project that has at its center the many buildings designed by the famous architect in the world, in which the artist spends a do-term residence. Housing related to the movement and the intersection of geographies and cultures.

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