And they saw all they had made and, behold, it was very good

17 SOMNIUM, Romain Froquet, work in progress - ∏ Aux Tableaux!

L’apparato effimero messo in atto dalla mostra e residenza artistica Aux Tableaux! agisce direttamente sui meccanismi di fruizione e presentazione dell’arte, sottolineando l’inevitabilità del coinvolgimento personale per percepire l’intero disegno espositivo, qualunque sia il ruolo codificato (visitatore, artista, organizzatore, curatore) che vi si assume, attraversandolo.The ephemeral apparatus enacted by artistic residence and exhibition Aux Tableaux! straight affects the mechanisms of fruition and presentation of the art, emphasizing the need of a personal involvement in the experience of the project, whatever is the codified role of the observer (visitor, artist, coordinator, curator).

The idea it’s not to push into the background the enormous effort for the construction of the planning and critical framework (Alexandre D’Alessio – 9eme Concept, Karine Terlizzi et Charlotte Pelouse – Association JUSTAPOX), nor even less the artists’ imagery. The exhibition Aux Tableaux! it’s not a happening. The proper term of ephemeral, mentioned in the subtitle of the project, more than to be considered according to the contemporary meaning of momentary, transitory, seems to be connected to the history of the Renaissance and Baroque ephemeral structures in which the architectural face of the city was visually reworked through a urban scenography on the occasion of particular events. With the difference that the urban identity faced by Aux Tableaux! is that of a post-modern city, in which great collective events are replaced by the indifference of infinite propositions and, where art forms – born to contrast the system of language of the city, as Street Art – are more and more absorbed (and exploited) by it.

The artistic project Aux Tableaux! inverts the classic dynamic of this process, choosing and affirming a precise space in the present time, and acting its revolution, its visual transformation from the inside. The 4500 m² of the ex-catholic school San Tommaso, in the very heart of Marseille, occupy an outstanding exhibition space suitable to develop this kind of stratified ideas. If 2500 m² are devoted to the artworks, the rest of the space is a daily place for sociality, encounter and culture. But the inside is not revealed from the outside, except for a flag. Aux Tableaux! requires, therefore, a willpower or an act of curiosity, in order to be lived. The attitude to discovery is constant; the only risk is to lose part of the path, often half-hidden by heavy doors. The visual sequence of the exhibition stays faithful to the partition of the scholastic space (maternal, elementary, high school).

The graphic universe of the 40 invited artists reflects on the theme of scholastic education, inside the place where it was indeed carried out, letting explode the possibility of every other semantic organization. Although the walls are the principal material support for the visual creation, the artists propose their perspectives using every conceivable form of the space: not only walls, but floors, ceilings, windows, scholastic furnishings, found  objects and also natural, making some installations similar to that of the Arte Povera (GodDog). Thus, the visitor is faced with the necessity “to read a room” (Stéphan Carricondo, LX One), to use Bachelard’s words, or courtyards (Theo Lopez, Tabas) or inner façades (Ipin&Toto), or stairwells (Pedro Richardo, Pablito Zago). Authentic environments that participate to an enormous operation of urban art. The outcome is sometimes estranging (Romain Froquet, Lapinthur), sometimes desecrating and ironic (Stephan Moscato, Les Suzzies, Jace), other times extremely conceptual (Alexandre D’Alessio, Ned Nedellec). The school could be a place of castration and indoctrination, but also the place where dreams and uncontrolled utopias of children and teen-agers grow (Heng&Remy UNO).

Aux Tableaux! establishes an open discourse with one of the most burning themes of our society, that of scholastic education, and the reflection could go even more in depth. And this is somehow its solidity: keeping on thinking and to make thinking beyond the ephemeral places that each time it will occupy, looking at what has been done.

Aux Tableaux! Residenza esposizione effimera
10 Giugno – 10 Ottobre 2015
Ex scuola San Tommaso D’Aquino
23 Rue Dieudé, 13006 Marsiglia (Francia)

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12 LA CHAMBRE BLEU, artista LX ONE, foto Iorio

La Chambre Bleu, Lx One, © Aux-Tableaux!

17 SOMNIUM, Romain Froquet, work in progress - ∏ Aux Tableaux!

 SOMNIUM, Romain Froquet, work in progress – © Aux Tableaux!


La Chambre Bleu, Lx One, particolare, © Aux-Tableaux!

23 Heng&RemyUNOwork in progress -∏ Aux Tableaux!Heng&RemyUNO work in progress – © Aux Tableaux!


IPIN&TOTO, work in progress, © Aux Tableaux!

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