Enrique Ramirez


Enrique Ramirez. Born in 1979 in Santiago, Chile. He has a master degree in Contemporary art and New Media in Studio National of art contemporain Le Fresnoy, France.

Enrique Ramirez’s work could be described as poetic incursions towards the humanization of contemporary dystopias. His film-installations and photography deals with the politics of exodus and exile and the discontinuity of memory, but for Ramirez this always means an arduous search into subjective imaginary. The vast landscapes that often appear in his works are conceived as geo-poetic spaces for imagination, territories open for vision and deambulation. The mood of the images is a contemplative one; the landscape, the breeze, the water, the sand, they all seem to work together in an effort to place a subjective view.

Ramirez methodology is somehow also one of human topography, many of his works involve interviews and recollection of personal testimonies on displacement. Though these visual and oral testimonies are worked with and rewoven into the scripts of his films or texts that accompany his photography, the resulting fragmented narratives are not transcriptions, but poetic translations of the gathered material. His visual texts operate, as he himself states, at the same time as “images and imaginaries”. As the images shot by his camera, more than a specific place, the texts present an envisioned form of being in a place, a subjective site.

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