Il frantoio

il frantoio

Why don’t you pop in Tuscany and visit Capalbio, a nice little country on the top of a hill, not far away from the seaside and recognizable by its tower? Even Etrurians and Romans left their traces there. It was also under the sovereignty of the Aldobrandeschi counts, the Orsini family, the Siena Republic, Carlo V, Cosimo I dei Medici and then the Lorena before it was annexed to the Kingdom of Italy.

The Art Gallery at Il Frantoio is an idea of Philippe Daverio, who was perhaps the first to perceive that Art already existed in this building with its red plaster, time-worn green shutters and bold dimensions. From ten years ago the Gallery has welcomed and established dialogues with artists, trying to harmonize with their work. An example is Giuliano Mauri with its Nests till now fixed on the gallery windows, that wanted to tell us the harmony and pace he felt during his visit in Capalbio.

Which is the leading role of your Association?
Maria Concetta Monaci, the major role is to promote art, culture and aggregation. This is the reason why it has a large location:  to welcome different cultural events in order to became a crossroad for different interests and people that arrive here in Capalbio for relaxing.
How has been the gallery evolving in these ten years of activity?
MCM, to be true at the beginning it has gone almost random. At first we had Philippe Daverio’s start up with his exhibition spirit, but when he left Capalbio I had to look around and catch the indications coming from outside. In order to maintain a coherent line-guide from five years I’ve been cooperating for contemporary art with the curator Davide Sarchioni and for photography with Marco Delogu, who has also organized in these last years a Capalbio Photo Festival.
How is art perceived in Capalbio?
MCM, Capalbio means art just being a seaside place away from sea, on its hill and its natural beauty and history. Moreover, the presence of many artists, art lovers and critics, who come here for vacation, has made natural the reality of a gallery. At the same time, here to deal with art is different than in town. Talking about art while drinking wine has a different flavour, indeed more relaxing.
Which are your future plans?
MCM, we would like to propose every year always more appealing ideas even if it’s not always possible. The dream is also to transfer Il Frantoio concept, with its typical relaxing flavour, even outside Capalbio. Realizing a kind of Il Frantoio spot around Italy trying to recreate the same atmosphere we have here.

Philippe Daverio

Francesco Minucci, Adam-Derek-Lola, 2011. Pellicola istantanea

Il frantoio 

Patrizia Novello, Al suo silenzio il soldato di ritorno, 2011. Olio e pigmento su carta

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