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Giorgio Chinea Art Cabinet has recently opened in the heart of Padua, at Pedrocchi Cafe. We interviewed the creator of the project to discover his present and future projects …

Who is Giorgio Chinea, founder and director of “Giorgio Chinea Art Cabinet”?
Giorgio Chinea, 1988, born in Padua. After my studies at the University of Padua in History of Art, I graduated in 2012 with a thesis on female body art focused on the figure of Marina Abramović. Later I moved to Milan, where I took courses on curatorial practices and contemporary art market. After an experience as independent contemporary art curator I decided to open the Art Cabinet.

How did the idea of ​​founding a cabinet-showroom dedicated to contemporary art in Padua born?
In 2014, I started working for TEDxPadova, the nonprofit event born in America in the ’80s. It is an international meeting focused on innovation and “sharing ideas”. My role has been that of artistic director and art curator and I have proposed right away a very precise artistic line: the performance art. After three editions (2014-2015-2016), I have proposed a performance art for this next TEDx event (next spring 2017). From this work I took the lead in pursuing my artistic and existential research towards greater concreteness with the opening of a contemporary art gallery that had a very precise character. I did not choose a closed physical space, but an open space in the cultural heart of the city of Padua that would give me the opportunity to continue my career as an independent curator, keeping in step with the times of a much changed art market. I think that a gallerist must constantly be looking for new ideas and new artists.

How is the city of Padua is responding to this new showcase dedicated to contemporary art?
For Padua, this is clearly an innovative idea: the cabinet is an extremely new, fresh, young, unprecedented gallery-concept in the city, which warmly welcomed this novelty with the presence of nearly 500 people at the opening of 2 March. I have chosen to start my career as a gallerist with an emerging artist of my territory, Alberto Bortoluzzi, the heir to a dynasty of important Venetian landscape painters (Millo Bortoluzzi senior and junior). Despite the characterization of this first experience, it is by no means my intention – at least for the moment – to focus on Padua or Venetian artists. In fact, the research will continue to be linked to performance and international artists.

How did the collaboration with Alberto Bortoluzzi born?
The collaboration was born thanks to a friendship born by chance. While working in a gallery to prepare a performance I saw the young artist Bortoluzzi arriving with a work of his grandfather Millo Bortoluzzi senior, that he had just restored. Thus I decided to know him and start a collaboration. After the curatorship of an open-studio with the works of Bortoluzzi (October 2016) and the common presence at Arte Fiera in Padova, I decided to become his gallerist, with great pride considering the name that Bortoluzzi represents in the territory of Padua and Venice.

Tell us about appointments and projects for the future.
At least for the moment the deal with Caffè Pedrocchi is seasonal. I will stay with Bortoluzzi for three months, until late spring. In April I will curate a contemporary dance performance by artist Giovanna Rovedo for TEDxPadova, and in August I will inaugurate the artistic direction of TEDxCortina hoping to bring the performance to the “pearl of the Dolomites”. Finally, with great pride, being also a collector and lover of Laurina Paperina’s works, thanks to the collaboration with the Studio d’Arte Raffaelli gallery in Trento, in September I will bring the artist (Laurina Paperina) to my Art Cabinet.

Giorgio Chinea Art Cabinet
Vicolo Cappellato Pedrocchi, 35122 Padova PD, Italia


Giorgio Chinea Art Cabinet


Alberto Bortoluzzi, Topoi


Giorgio Chinea e Alberto Bortoluzzi


Laurina Paperina


Padova, Caffè Pedrocchi

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