Guendalina Cerruti


My research is developed in psychological and pedagogical fields and more precisely reflects on the complexity with which we perceive reality and the direct relationship between this and the emotional development, starting from neonatal experiences.Through the analysis of the design features that define an object, such as ergonomics, usability, selection of materials and their properties, coatings, mechanical and structural properties, I am interested in deconstructing it, processing it to reactivate and rebuild it to return it a truth that disappeared.

I’m interested in the narrative aspect of the materials, the reflection articulated through objects, by contrast, or approaching, the organization and the juxtaposition of the smallest components of each part, as well as the correctness in the composition of the different parts in space. Many of my research are born from the encounter with the environments, from an aesthetic and emotional experience within them and the mental and physical relationship with the elements that characterize it. In these terms the spatiality of the objects plays a central role in the construction of the work, that from experience goes back to that of building it, reinventing it, to turn it back on and secure it into new habitats.

I do not perceive my installations as static combinations of objects, but in the way they can be recombined and repositioned depending on our mental and physical needs and to satisfy our need to communicate with and through objects. I’m interested in the concept of presence, defined in terms of formal qualities such as perseverance, continuity and predictability, even in returning a reflection on its contrary, I think it is an opening of labor, emotional availability. The house, its structural elements, furniture, its internal organization and its activities greatly influence my practice. I’m interested in Michel Foucault when talks about his relationship with writing referring to his family.

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