KayOne and Skott Marsi: street art on show in Milan

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Dynamic, intense, real: three adjectives to describe street art, a passion that unites two artists, better known as street artists: the Italian Marco Mantovani, aka KayOne and the American Skott Marsi. Both will be the protagonists of the exhibition: “Espinasse 31 Celebration”, which, on the occasion of the Salone del Mobile, will celebrate the first year of activity of the gallery on April 20th, born last May as a residence for pop and street art.

The owner, Antonio Castiglioni is very satisfied with the intense activity that viewed his artists busy in Italy and in the USA for important fairs and events: “I am proud to have been able to realize so many interesting projects and collaborations in only one year! Espinasse 31 managed to participate to Scope Miami, we made two events with Armani Exchange, where the Cuban artist Jenny Perez was selected for the new capsule collection and was also the protagonist of the “Urban Legend” exhibition at the famous Sagamore Hotel. The American Leonor Anthony has donated his latest work, Hope, Faith and Charity, made in residence, to the Association Wall Of Dolls by Jo Squillo, with whom we took part in Piazza Duomo in Milan, on the 8th of March, for an event on Women’s Day. During this exhibition I would like to thank all the people in Italy and in the USA who are believing in my project.”.

For those who missed the last events, during this evening and for the entire duration of the exhibition, they’ll have the chance to admire the most representative pieces of all the artists that Espinasse 31 hosted this year: Claudia La Bianca, Daniel Tummolillo, Leo Castaneda, Rodrigo Branco, Paolo Ciabattini, Adrian Avila, Carlos Alves, Simone Monte, Flavio Rossi, Jotape and, above all, discover the two new street artists, on which there is already great expectation!

We met Marco Mantovani, aka KayOne, asking him to tell us what art is to him: “I discovered Graffiti Writing in 1988, from that day I tried to infuse my work on canvas with the energy of the street and the love for color, I wanted to convey the strength I found in those works, on the walls of our cities, big, colorful and full of unwritten words. Italy is a country with a great artistic tradition, however, we have not always been open to novelties. For years this language and culture has invaded our streets, making local artists gain a great international exposure. As far as I am concerned, I consider street art the greatest for of expression and art movement in the whole world “.

KayOne’s techniques owe a lot to the street world: spray, collage, cement and resins, skilfully mixed, in a vital and fast concentrate, just like the New York subway trains, from where it all started. His ability to combine the young and free spirit of the road with the avant-gardes and the most representative movements of the twentieth century, is no wonder, since they all are pioneers in trying to bring the most vital sense of life into art. The power of his paintings lies precisely in the ability to attract the viewer in a universe of sensations, emotions, meanings, whose disruptive energy evokes the street without having to represent it.

A preview of his latest creations will be exhibited at Espinasse 31: sculptures with letters, where the search for form is combined with the intensity of gesture and color. Much of the production will also be visible in Piazza Cavour, at number 1, at Studio Castiglioni & Partners.

Ready for an artistic party? Creativity awaits you!

Annaida Mari


Opening Friday 20 April ore 19,00-21,30
Preview 13-16 aprile
Special opening Milan Design week 17-19 Aprile
Viale Carlo Espinasse 31, Milano, 20156, opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday 10:30 – 18,30

Skott Marsi Untitled 2016 Acrylic and Spray Paint on Canvas 180x120cm (70,2 x46,8 in)Skott Marsi, Untitled, 2016 Acrylic and Spray Paint on Canvas 180x120cm (70,2 x46,8 in)

THE SAINT - Tecnica mista su tela, cm 60 x 50, 2018KayOne, The Saint, tecnica mista su tela, cm 60 x 50, 2018

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