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When an artist signs famous brands of purses or becomes the subject of a film the news soon makes a great fuss and everyone has an opinion about it, but when Art becomes a vehicle for social battle frequently nobody talks about it.

The Kalahari Catalyst project aims to improve the quality of life in Utikom and Andriesvale, two villages in Kalahari Desert in South Africa, through the combination of art, permaculture and education. This will to use cultural means to achieve a social transformation – founded by a group of international and South African artists and activists with skills that range from education to social work, from visual art to agronomy, environmental engineering and ethno-botany – will allow the communities to have greater access to potable water as well as to locally grown fruits and vegetables. Approximately, 40-60% of water pumps throughout Africa are falling into disrepair.

The Kalahari Catalyst project wants to replace diesel pumps with solar powered pumps and to work with community members in order to plant two permaculture gardens, one in each village. Within the project, the artistic activities aim to create a space for learning and to give the opportunity to individuals of all ages and abilities to take part in the construction of a sense of shared ownership of pumps and gardens. In addition, several artistic workshops and activities will take place in order to explore the symbolic values of water, food and cooperative work, and to produce artworks combining aesthetics and functionality.
Those handmade products, together with objets d’art donated by Italian artists not in loco, will then be sold at a charitable auction, that will contribute to support the following phases of the project. The team behind Kalahari Catalyst is composed of seven visual artists: Valentina Argirò (IT), Raphael Franco (BR), Indigo (CAN), Juma Mkwela and Willard Kambeva (ZIM/SA), Raw Tella (IT) and Andrzej Urbanski (POL/GER), an artist/guerrilla gardener: WayWordSun, and two researchers in science and social dynamics: Linzi Lewis (SA) and Valentina Mandirola (IT). The project will officially start  at the beginning of 2013, even if it is already possible to support it with a free donation on the site http://www.indiegogo.com/kalaharicatalyst. Furthermore, to follow each phase of the project from Italy visit the site http://kalaharicatalyst.com/.

Photo by Sydelle Willow Smith, taken during Jullard Creations art workshops in Khayelitsha, June 2012.

Kalahari Catalyst Project

Kalahari Catalyst Project

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