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MIA Fair Photo, organized by Fabio and Lorenza Castelli, is becoming increasingly international. Meanwhile, following the focus of Asturias, Brazil, Hungary. Spanish photographers from the Asturias work on the language of photography by posing the eye in front of the distortions of the world as does Arancha Osoro who reduces a portrait in a barcode.

Whilst in the works of the Hungarian there is a great sadness and desolation in the bodies, in the abstractions, and in the lifeless landscapes of Akos Major. The nature of Brazil is at the basis of Trans Nature: 6 artists are wondering how to act in the face of problems of an enormous country and with a thousand faces. Karina Machado with Coincidentes offers a scratch card. We have to scrape off the silver-ink layer that covers the images taken in the oasis Environmental Heritage Site near the Ribeira River estuary. What is valuable has to be kept hidden and we do not know if we deserve to find it out considering the damage done to nature. Besides, what do we do with the Seventh Continent now flooded by plastics that make up whole islands – even though their brilliance fascinates in the picture of Giuseppe la Spada? Amyd Gallery also offers a solution with the Italian Institute of Technology and its research on new biodegradable plastics.

Galleria Officine dell’immagine leads us in Sub Saharan Africa with artists Dimitri Fagbohoun, Marcia Kure, Maurice Mbikayi, and Bronwyn Katz who deserves a special mention of the jury of the BNL award with Jee Young Lee of Opiom Gallery “for his sophisticated work on iconic building”. We are taken to China with Madeinartgallery Gallery with artists Xie Dechen, Su Haoxu, Zhang Hongmei, Gao Brothers, Xiao Lu then by new research to those of the avant-garde period of 1989, and also Boxart with chameleon Liu Bolin in different architectural contexts. Berliners galleries: Wegallery presents Claudio Gobbi with Ural Studies winning the BNL award. Andreas Lang from Podbielski takes us to Cameroon with visions between the archaeological and the fantastic, Elena Helfrecht from Cell63 upsets with suffering bodies. Then the Brussels galleries exhibit Belgian artists, like the Galerie Nardone leading the wonderful gadgets of Mecaniques discursives and Phil Van Duynen, with his disturbing portraits, but also the Italian MC2 with the Belgian Noé Sendas, with his geometrized women. From Athens the Kourd Gallery presents the complex work of Katherine Vafias.

The deep black, Onore al nero, by Mustafa Sabbagh, a Jordanian, is at Traffic Gallery. From Russia the nature of the Antarctic by Arsen Revazov at Ar33studio gallery. Also the Playboys of Bacongo by Daniele Tamagni at Claudio Cavaciuti, the Albanian Bunker by Paola Favoino at Raffaella de Chirico, Chinese delicacies of Bureaucratic Beauty by Rosfer & Shaokun at Fabbrica Eos, the Winter Seascape, Wakkanai, Hokkaido, Japan by Michael Kenna at Gallery 13 from Reggio Emilia, and The Siberians by David Yarrov at Gallery Paola Colombari and we could go on and on. The beautiful magazine Gente di Fotografia exposes the works of photographers whose articles have come out in recent issues. Then there is the exhibition of collectors and many talks, meetings and debates.


David Yarrow, The Siberians, 2016. Courtesy Galleria Paola Colombari, Milano


Antoine Rose, Insectarium, 2013. Fotografia su diasec, 133 x 100 cm. Courtesy Mazel Galerie, Bruxelles – particolare


Untitled by Phil Van Duynen. Courtesy Gallerie Nardone

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