MIART 2016, the unexpected pleasant


On April 7 has opened the most famous Milan modern and contemporary art fair. People of vernissage always dress colorful and eccentric, but the outsider also can wear in ways that scream: look at me!

Beautiful the arrangement of the booths, well thought and innovative, able to create airy spaces and opened onto corridors, nontrivial geometries that lead the eye and project the works towards those who, from the outside, curious is passing before diving in the booths. Also the setting is clean and the works well spaced between them allowing a good fruition.

Lots are the galleries that recall the names, mostly Italians, now considered historical. A retrospective of Primo Marella on Analytical Art accompanies the beginning of the visit. Thus going from Zappettini to Ca di Frà with Agnetti, Salvo, Varisco and Vermi – on which, dear collectors, this year has focused much attention of the galleries. Few and little visible are the Boetti, and at Spazia Gallery (BO) there are some Dadamaino works. Contini this year takes a big space and offers a large sculptural section with works by Mitoraj and in his other booths goes from Schnabel to Christo, who will soon delight the eyes of his admirers with a work on the Iseo lake “Floating Piers”. And then Sperone with works by Prampolini, Repetto and the “usual names” like Pistoletto and Boetti; Christian Stein chooses the lively work of Mondino. The list closes with the historical as the solo shows in a part of the large stand of Robilant + Voena dedicated to Gianni Colombo.

In the section dedicated to the contemporary artists it is worth mentioning Elena Damiani at Francesca Minnini. An architectural photography between two sheets of glass, “drowned” and locked between two marble elements, quoting the material of which the architecture often consists. Interesting the proposals of Thomas Brambilla gallery (BG) and the four hands project proposed by the AMT Project from Bratislava and Boccanera of Trento. Clean the installation of Studio Dabbeni from Lugano and the works of Alessandra Spranzi and Irma Blank at P420 (BO). Disappointing the selection of Galleria Continua which for the names that represents exhibited minor works, and of little interest. Some interesting photography is on view at Michela Rizzo (VE) with Francesco Iodice and Michael Hoepfner.

This year, the effort to renew the spaces according to different volumetric criteria has led to a pleasant change in the perception of the same quality for the fair, with much more interesting sections than the previous years and the latest edition of Arte Fiera Bologna. Among the news, the section “Then Now” welcomes eight galleries: exhibiting historical artists with young ones let to discover and appreciate new promises and future investments, also the interpretation of modern artists through the combination with the contemporary gives new and unexpected suggestions.


Gianni Colombo, Spazio elastico ambiente, 1967-68, Archivio Gianni Colombo Milano


Elena Damiani, Tiempo perdido, detail, 2015


Irma Blank, Radical Writing Schrifzug equals Atemzug vom 4-8-1988-1988, acrilico su tela, dittico

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