Nothing is more real than nothing. Benjamin Murphy

B. M. Nothing is more real than nothing, foto Ivan Divanto (3)

Benjamin Murphy has been the first protagonist of STRIDE, a no-festival of Contemporary Art which does not have neither a beginning nor end and where the first event can be even the last if there won’t be the conditions to move forward. Its creator, Francesco Giorgino, also known as Millo, has conceived this exhibition through a purely casual logic where everything happens at the moment without taking into account the result: STRIDE is something extemporaneous, spontaneous. Spontaneous as the same Millo’s choice to call, through a social network, Benjamin Murphy, a twenty-five years old artist from London, inviting him to exhibit in the futuristic Saligia Palace in Pescara.

B. M. Nothing is more real than nothing, foto Ivan Divanto (3)Benjamin Murphy, Nothing is more real than nothing, foto Ivan Divanto

The response was immediate and Benjamin Murphy, visual artist particularly active in London, moved to the seventh floor of the futuristic building, giving life to the exhibition: Nothing is more real than nothing. STRIDE, hence, is also a residence for artists where the Master of the duct tape lived, from the 21th of February of this year for about a month, sleeping  in a loft obtained from the fusion of architectural elements taken from the industrial archaeology and from the rock design underground. Meals, instead, took place in the “Saligia Bistrot”, a sort of metro-warehouse where anyone could meet and could speak with the artist. The seventh floor of Saligia and the bistrot were chosen from Benjamin to accomplish his works made with black and white duct tape. As raw material just the duct tape with which the artist made on mirrors, glasses, floors and even in the elevator scratchy and detailed drawings. These works have been left in the Palace until their natural extinction, which is due to their ephemera nature, and they seem to be the  result of a mixture between primitive symbolism and noir comics.

Spontanea come la stessa scelta di Millo di chiamare, attraverso un social network, Benjamin Murphy, un artista venticinquenne londinese, e invitarlo a esporre nel futuristico palazzo Saligia di Pescara.

Benjamin Murphy, Nothing is more real than nothing, foto Ivan Divanto

Tape art, as the art of the duct tape is called, is a segment, or better, a “rib” of the international street art which finds in Benjamin Murphy an elegant and refined performer. In this exhibition subjects of his works are mainly human and animal skeletons, or dishinibited frowned alone girls imagined sitting on the toilet or naked on a shabby hotel bed or walking along the streets of a peripheral cities. The duct tape allows Benjamin to produce an harsh stiff sharp sign which is, at the same time, expressive and persuasive. Signs are never soft, even when the artist represents the long female hairs tousled by the wind; they become thin sharp blades. On mirrors and glasses, the faces and scenes represented tend to disappear enriching the surfaces with a precious decoration: the bistro shop windows have been transformed into Gothic stained glass imbued with dark taste.

B. M. Nothing is more real than nothing, foto Ivan Divanto (4)

Benjamin Murphy, Nothing is more real than nothing, foto Ivan Divanto

Durante il soggiorno l’artista ha visitato Pescara realizzando in altri locali e lungo le strade della città diversi interventi artistici: un omaggio al capoluogo adriatico che con la sua periferia un po’ rivalutata e un po’ abbandonata si presenta più europea di quanto si credi mostrandosi agli occhi di Benjamin Murphy particolarmente familiare e affine.

Ivan D’Alberto

Palazzo Saligia – Saligia Bistrot
Strada Comunale Piana n. 3 – Pescara
da lun. a ven. 12.00/15.00
da mar. a giov. 19.00/00.00
da ven. a sab. 19.00/03.00
Tel. 085.2122024, 329.6216448

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