Ovidiu Hulubei


In his exhibitions conceived as infinitely mirroring games, Ovidiu Hulubei attempts to displace perception – first, by frustrating it, second, by allowing it to conceive of its complete Other.

The works are often deceivingly interactive, calling for a response from the passer-by, either as a leap of imagination which never hits the bottom of reality, or as a physical insertion which does not go by familiar rules. In order to give the correct response, the viewer might just need to displace a simple coordinate; yet again, it might be all a trick, and the endless pit one senses below their feet whilst dangling at the slick surface might just be the typical romantic reaction to art: hoping there is something beyond it.

A walk through one of Ovidiu Hulubei’s shows is akin to passing time in an autistic state, in which everything has the quality of an object, the world is equal and interaction contingent. Pleasure comes from the observation that patterns, regardless of their meaning, are always beautiful.

Cristina Bogdan (text written on the occasion of the exhibition Ovidiu Hulubei. Train the muscle not the movement. 14 May – 4 June 2016 at Placentia Arte)

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