“Quello che rimane” (meaning: what remains) – The minus.log’s imperceptible and indelible visual alphabet


Elegant, strict, harmonious, balanced, minimal … these are only few adjectives that describe the minus.log’s  last exhibition, mounted at Museolaboratorio in Città Sant’Angelo (Pe) and curated by Martina Lolli.
Through quello che rimane, minus. log’s collective, alias Manuela Cappucci e Giustino Di Gregorio, proposes the public the idea of an indelible trace that, though feeble, almost imperceptible, remains etched on the memory. An only apparently faded memory, but which conceals, instead, details and fundamental data to build a sophisticated and refined visual alphabet in the viewer’s perceptual spectrum. Via some questions we try to better understand the artistic pathway tackled by the collective and the achievements reached with this last exhibition by two artists. To assist their answers comes Martina Lolli that, with great care and professionalism, has mounted an unexceptionable and fundamental exhibition for the concretization of collective’s aesthetic process.

Which are the cultural references that influence your artistic pathway?
minus.log: we are influenced by what we recognize as an alive experimentation which is dictated by necessity and goes beyond codes, schools and definitions. Brian Eno, for example, is a stimulus to explore new aesthetic frontiers in a continuous return among art, life, philosophy. We find the same attitude in Paul Klee, John Cage; we like the Bruno Munari’s “serious” play, but names would be quite a few coming from different experiences and, for the most part, unknown. We let ourselves be inaspired also by what happens all around us, by daily discoveries.

Why “quello che rimane”? What is not longer present or what is not so important to be shown?
minus.log: it is an open title that leaves room to something more; it is subjective and it evokes simultaneously something shared by human beings. It opens itself to the fragility of the existence finding in it a delicate trace on the border between to appear and to fade away. Really we could not be able to say what is not longer present or what is not so important to be shown, maybe because for us the creative process is for the most part unaware and it concretes itself in forms that we recognize as the vehicles of a thought which is more experience than concept. We can say that we worked to the creation of a pathway that gives back our creative experience, and that has to be freely lived by each one with his/her own time and in his/her own way. Not by chance the video installations  were mounted in bright surrounding to help a free fruition on motion too.
Lolli: It is important not to expose only concepts, which are intellectual constructs that bridles our mind with logic and daily algorithms. Today it is almost a privilege to untie the though, to indulge on a pathway without schemes, which is  animated by sensory recalls and emotional resonances , or to spend time to listen or to listen to ourselves. Reducing matter, colors and forms means being able to acknowledge the hidden nuances that constitute the Minus.log artworks. It is an exercise of sensibility that leads us in our deepness and in the deepness of the essence of the things.

How did an historical building space as that of Museolaboratorio affect the mounting of an exhibition that requires in advance an extreme formal severity?
Lolli: Once that first perplexities were overcome, it has been far too natural to establish a dialogue with Museolaboratorio: minus.log’s artworks, which are clean, strict in their linear forms and never static, find in the showrooms of the museum an evocative counterpoint with which they generate a poetic short circuit in the between perfection and imperfection. The museum is like a palimpsest of memories that appears from the white paint and impregnates each rough brick; it is a place that needs a profound listening, and the currently exhibited artworks  – playing on the mood of waiting- have managed to facilitate it. We get to an environment  with a more human suspended temporality, and to a parallel  dimension where every hesitation is conceded.

What remains to you about this experience? Have you got any project in the pipeline?
Minus.log: It remains the experience of having shared our pathway with visitors who have moved us  with their attention and their deep feedbacks. It is important that a creative experience generates something that in some way transmits itself and goes ahead by itself: it has to have something circular to make us happy. In addition to the promotion of this project, we have been working on some ideas born just during the creation  and the mounting of quello che rimane. It still has not a form yet, but we are going to start again the investigation, probably, moving just from the last artworks exposed in the last room of this exhibition: a series of works which name is , not by chance, Try again.


minus.log, Cure


minus.log, Together/alone


minus.log, Arttu Manninen


minus.log, Together/alone

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