Il fascino degli angeli. Ray Caesar a Torino


The luxurious and charming rooms of the Master Apartment of Palazzo Saluzzo Paesana have opened the door to the sensual creations of Ray Caesar with the solo exhibition The Trouble with Angels, on show until April 19, 2014, in which are collected twenty of the most important works of the artist, some from private collections and other exhibited for the first time, as the evocative Mother and Child.


Ray Caesar, Mother and Child

Following the wonderful XVIII century staircase of the building, that leads to the entrance of the apartment, you can perceive the perfect union between the setting and the dreamlike works of the British Artist. Once in the lobby it’s not possible to escape: the magnetic force evoked by the nasty looks of the surreal ladies of pale skin follow the visitor that, room after room, enters in a parallel reality in which the Victorian style is combined with a modern angle, and the women-angel touch a sensuality that aspires to the sinful”, thus giving birth to naughty and ethereal digital pin ups.


Ray Caesar, Consort Study

The splendor and purity of the winter setting that characterizes, more or less directly, the female figures of the paintings in the entrance – which features the icy gaze of the masked lady of Consort Study – contrasts with the splendour of the Parade’s room in which is exhibitied the aforementioned Mother and Child. This enchanted mother and child, inspired by eighteenth-century paintings, fits perfectly with the red of the room, creating a chromatic continuity that confuses the visitor, unable to distinguish the modern from the ancient. The same combination is reflected in the Council Chamber, where is exhibited the work Tea with Me and Him in which a barefoot and ethereal young lady offers tea to a wolf man nobly dressed in a makeshift living room in the woods.


Ray Caesar, Tea with Me and Him

Caesar’s works are a mix of intelligent quotes (from the great painters of the eighteenth century, as Watteau or Fragonard, to twentieth-century artists such as Hopper) and creative innovation. His works are similar to painting, but the brush is replaced by the mouse. Through the use of Maya, the 3D software used for animation and video games, Caesar literally creates his models from nothing, starting from a digital skeletons to which he assigns a pose and then adds skin, hair, eyes, eyelashes, nails and glitzy clothes. As an “architect of dreams” he invents its fabulous sceneries, characterized by a realistic and impeccable perfection, in which he then places its beautiful digital dolls thus showing to the world the wonders of an unconscious sometimes dark, sometimes fairy, of a “digital poet” who sees in art itself the result of an evolutionary thrust given by the creative power, inherent in the human being, to resolve difficulties. The exhibition ends with this illuminating statement: “I ​​believe it is in our nature to transform the worst things in the best of them.”


Ray Caesar, Winter

Ray Caesar Solo Exhibition
18 Febbraio 2014 – 19 Aprile 2014
Palazzo Saluzzo Paesana – Torino

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