Rewind 1.0

Coniglioviola - stanza musica 2, Lightbox, 2005

The group exhibition Rewind 1.0 – opens to the public until February 28, 2013  at Dieffe Gallery in Turin – includes four multi-faceted artists: Emanuele Riccio and Luigi Cozzolino, Sarah Rossiter, ConiglioViola, and Angelo Davoli. Strength and object of analysis of the entire exposition is photography. 

Opening this interesting parade is the duo Emanuele Riccio and Luigi Cozzolino that transform the application of photographic practice in an innovative artistic creation modulated by a combination of light and shadow. The photographic research continues to be seen as an emancipation from divisions and contradictions of contemporary life. Shots that capture fluctuations of clouds of steam and smoke make the ritual and symbolic dimension of the creative moment the emblem of possible mutations between time and space (Untitled – 2009). The fascination to the intangible elements that lead to create a visible and metaphysical experience benefits of a communicative power of great beauty that captures the viewer in a world characterized by a footprint that moves on the features shades of red and white. Investigating the unconscious of the observer, all these work highlight a dimension of absolute classicism determined by a perfect symmetry that reinterprets the visible, provides new perspectives and track unusual landing between the interstices of reality.

There are many ways to try and define the infinite. Romanticism in this research has often coincided with the search for the sublime and in contemporary art has become the essential factor of its own expressive research. The American Sarah Rossiter presents works characterized by a disarming and romantic poetic sensitivity. The search for definition of forms and traces is emptied of any tangible objectivity to become a clear matrix of memory and feeling. The minerals are thus understood as spaces of a metaphorical process that outlines all the sinuosity and roughness of the human soul by perceiving the reality as a suspended dimension, without certain directions and full of possibilities (Refraction Blue Quartz – 2009). Each subject is transformed into pure emotion and body mass thanks to a wise rational use of light and space. As a counterbalance, the artist collective ConiglioViola that gathers a wide variety of original artistic expressions. The multitude semantics of their creations is constantly reaching out to new territories of hybrid textuality in which emerge the desire to exist, the anxiety to tell and the desire to soar. Energy, creativity, passion and a constant search for improvement are the ingredients of their works, pushed into an irreverent investigation of pop culture. Each image of reality and fantasy is carefully analyzed and reconstructed in a living space that engages the viewer in an environment of undefined temporal characters (Room Music 2 – 2005). This establishes a strong relationship between two opposite worlds that create a spatial neutral dimension perfectly formed, in which live together fragments of thoughts and observations, individual and collective.

Abandoned industrial sites and buildings become the protagonists of the artistic research that focuses Angelo Davoli to the analysis of the contemporary landscape. The industrial suburb of grand architecture and abandoned places, becomes synonymous with our contemporary, changing and precarious. Blue skies are inscribed in huge masses of concrete, symbols of modernity and words of a utopian desire pushed the viewer to become the perfect synthesis of a society hopelessly destined to decay (Morini Shipyard Project – 2009). The artist works on matters seemingly far apart subverting the logical expectations of genres. Intervening in the social and cultural debate in recent decades, he sets up an intervention of redemption to the divisions and contradictions of space changed by man.

Angiolina Polimeni

Coniglioviola – stanza musica 2, Lightbox, 2005

Angelo Davoli – Cantiere Morini Project 2009, Tecnica mista su fotografia

Riccio & Cozzolino – lambda sotto plexiglass, 90×70, 2009

Sarah Rossiter – Refraction Quartz 2009, Color Print on Glossy Photo Paper, Mounted on Wood

Riccio & Cozzolino – lambda sottoplexiglass, 60×140, 2009

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