Sincronie, the artistic project at Fondazione Brivio Sforza


Villa Belgiojoso Brivio Sforza is one of the grandest stately homes in Brianza and is located in the town of Merate, in the province of Lecco. In this noble context of the seventeenth-century, there is a perfect blend of ancient and contemporary art, past and present, between the protagonists of yesterday and today.

The villa, once the residence of Princess Cristina Trivulzio Belgiojoso, has been in the course of centuries theater of visits and stays by the protagonists of the art world and culture: musicians, artists, writers and patriots. Reminiscent of a glorious past, the Foundation Brivio Sforza, born in 2012 and chaired by Alessandro Brivio Sforza, wanted to re-open its spaces to the public for the second edition of Sincronie, a project by Carlotta Testori. Having the purpose not only to support the arts, but also their preservation, cataloging and studying the valuable family archive, source of inspiration for the artists of today, the Foundation annually invites different artists for a residency in Brianza. The exploration of this archive and of the various sources available, is a stimulus to provide an artistic reinterpretation through contemporary eyes of a collection of historical evidence. The interdisciplinary approach, intended as an active and constructive exchange between creatives from different fields, and the harmonious and balanced fusion of ancient and modern, in a space that from immemorial time and vocation is home to all the arts, are the basis of this project.

During the first edition (September 2015) the villa, its park, the archives and the art collection have been the environment and the material of inspiration and exchange between the artist Jorinde Voigt, the musician Ricciarda Belgiojoso and the writer Gianluigi Ricuperati, who approached an issue deeply connected to the history of Villa Belgiojoso, the piano sonata Péchés de vieillesse by Gioacchino Rossini who lived there for a period of his life. This second edition will instead lead the invited artists to create works inspired by the gardens that surround the house. The three different green spaces, one of the seventeenth century, in Baroque style, one Italian of the eighteenth-century and finally a vintage romantic garden, together with the wide collection of drawings, watercolors and original prints related to the transformation of these areas over the centuries, will be sources and creative stimuli for the two protagonists of the edition 2016: Marco Palmieri and Luca Vitone. Architect and artist from Naples, Palmieri presents a project to reinterpret in a modern way the classical and almost magical ideal of the “garden”. His attitude returns a landscape intervention on an area of ​​the park, capable of building unexpected relationships with a careful examination of the meaning of the space. Vitone, who works since the Eighties on the concept of place and landscape, places a diptych in the interior and designs a work space in the park taking advantage of the accidental event of rupture of a centenary tree during a thunderstorm. The artist involved his wife Loredana Gintoli, baroque harpist who performed with soprano Anna Carbonera an original music composed by the Prince of Belgiojoso. The recording of their interpretation is the acoustic side of the installation placed right in the hollow trunk of the uprooted pine. Through this intervention, Vitone, whose collective and personal memory intersect, reconfigures a sense of forgotten spaces.

Villa Belgiojoso become for this fall a “device” capable of synchronously showing, without forcing them, the affinities between various ancient and modern artistic fields, as well as to open to the public a fascinating and secret place. Beyond that, the project has also the merit of having for once shifted the focus from Milan to the charming nearby suburbs Brianza. The Foundation organized free guided tours during the first three Saturdays in October. Obligation Reservation:


Sequenza fasi progetto, Acquerello, Marco Palmieri 


Scavo, Sincronie 2016, Luca Vitone


Disegno firmato dell’Architetto Leopoldo Pollack

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