Urbansolid at ‘Miami Plage’ of Monte Carlo

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“The essence of this project is the contact that we started having with the walls of the city, as if we hadn’t stopped looking at the buildings and streets from the window, we touch them with our hands, we evaluate the plaster, the bricks, the relationship is no longer just visual but also physical “.

More than artworks, the creations created by the Italian duo of Urbansolid are real installations that interact with the surrounding urban space. After decorating walls and metropolis, it is the beach that becomes the star of their latest exhibition.

From the 12th of May to the 10th of October at the ‘Miami Plage’ in Monte Carlo, in the Larvotto bay, it will be possible to admire some of their works in resin and plaster, part of the collective exhibition “Espinasse31 lands in Monaco”, organized by the artist’s residence Espinasse31 with the works of the artists who worked in the gallery.

Born with the aim of creating a community of artists where there could be synergies in terms of aesthetics and new cultural goals, Espinasse31 has understood the importance of the social message that the Urbansolid’s artworks conveyed: “We have no ideas in regard to art, art is an idea. We have found a way to combine the classical sculptural procedure with the most avant-garde movement in the world. This was exactly the result of an idea gained after years of artistic studies. The fact that our works always have a meaning or a social message, it’s because making urban art, therefore public art, gives a big responsibility “.

Naturally, the artist who works in street art movement, communicative art form par excellence, unconsciously reflects the mirror of the society in which he lives, erecting himself as an ambassador of the thoughts of others.

On show there is one of the most iconic resin creations of the artistic duo, “the Adam and Eve”, which has been so successful in virtue of its relevance: “Adam and Eve are among our most known installations, perhaps because they are anatomical life-size casts, and in the era of selfie the idea on how to dress them is taken from the society. We look around, we listen to what happens in the world and just outside home, we basically wait for the news! In this way, Adam the Superman was born, but also the prisoner, the bully, the freak”. Knowing how to stimulate a reaction, a thought in front of the sculpture is definitely a peculiarity of Urbansolid, who do not hide their amusement in waiting for the reaction of the pedestrians. “The people who come across our sculptures are very surprised, they immediately perceive the originality, the clutter of our sculptures doesn’t look as familiar as a graffiti, it is a sculpture but it is not a marble monument! What is it, what is it made of?

Then there are those who take a picture, those who put a stickers, who sign or write strange phrases on the sculpture, those who break them or give them a kiss making sure to leave the mark of the lipstick… we did not expect this reaction, the interaction between our sculptures and the citizens is one of the most interesting and ever-changing aspects “.

Annaida Mari


Espinasse lands in Monaco
2018 May 12th – October 10th
Miami Plage
Promenade du Larvotto
MC 98000 Monaco

adamo ed Eva allestimentoUrban Solid, Adamo Eva,  Brick Lane series 2/9  anno 2018 ( resina)

unnamed1 copiaUrban Solid, One million dollars: nero 5/9 2014 (resina)

unnamed copiaUrban Solid, Immersione: argento (resina), 2015

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