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  • Superflora or on the soul of plants, an exhibition by Luca Coclite


    Superflora the work by Luca Coclite exhibited at the Nowhere Gallery, begins with the encounter with an object more than ever disturbing: a tree-antenna which the artist identified in a rural area which he frequented. The abnormal host of this familiar landscape, immediately presents itself as a curious and controversial presence on which the artist makes a series […]

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  • Posthuman Body and Interactivity: an international project in the time of Brexit


    In the time of a definitive break down of boundaries between the arts and science, interdisciplinarity and experimentation are key to investigate the present, while looking at the future. Technology and visual art, virtual reality and biomedical studies, the body and the digital can merge in light of common aims – a social commitment, aesthetics, […]