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  • Vivian Maier. I am what I see


    The story of Vivian Maier, a talented self-taught photographer who immortalized US society of the economic boom in lively street shots between the ‘50s and the ’70s, is still largely shrouded in mystery and her impressive photographic archive, which emerged a dozen years ago in fortuitous circumstances, it is a fascinating case of posthumous rediscovery […]

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  • Ulderico Tramacere. The poetic essentiality of photography

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    The shots by the photographer Ulderico Tramacere (1975) recount events, landscapes and atmospheres of today’s Italy, summarizing its essence in powerful symbolic black and white images. In 2016 he was awarded in the “Proposal MIA” section for Pecora Nera at MIA Photo Fair in Milan, where he will return in March with a new project. […]