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  • Dissenso Cognitivo. Tetanus


    The suburban streets, with their ranks of popular buildings, often disused sheds and divested urban furniture, offer an emblematic image of the artificial habitat in which man has adapted to live and the intricate system of signs that these objectives emergencies support have inspired writers, artists and film makers the most visionary projections on the […]

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  • Brea Flúor: reflections on urban space. Juan López, Carlos Maciá


    From January 21st to April 1st Gallery Luis Adelantado Valencia presents solo exhibitions of artists Juan López (Cantabria, 1979) and Carlos Maciá (Lugo, 1977) under the same title ‘Brea Flúor ‘. The link between both artists’ works revolve around a reflection over the urban space and how it affects us in one way or the […]