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    A&D_Sylvie Vartan

    The Egbert Baqué Contemporary Art Gallery in Berlin inaugurated a new exhibition, “Abracadabra”, on July 19th. As the title of the show suggests, the aim of the group exhibition is to amaze. Since late antiquity the word ABRACADABRA has been known as a magic formula throughout the Old World – from Babylon to Carthage, in Byzantium, Jerusalem and Rome. In […]

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  • Save art with street art: intervista a Giulia Rollo

    Girolamo Siciolante Da Sermoneta, San Sebastiano (particolare), ca.1570, pittura murale trasportata su tela, 115x210

    Giulia Rollo, Daria Montemaggiori and Alessandra Risolo. Three different generations of restorers with the same idea in mind: recover the Italian artistic heritage, too often abandoned and devoid of care by institutions. Save art with street art is the prject they created and whose fundamental purpose is to raise funds for the restoration campaign of […]