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  • BBQ BOLOGNA: a new circuit of creative synergy between autonomous spaces

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    The first weekend of February in Bologna is the most awaited event for fans of contemporary art: Arte Fiera catalyses a wide audience of professionals, artists, collectors and curious people who, like every year, will be overwhelmed by a myriad of institutional proposals (affiliated to the ART CITY project), private ones (POLIS), to which are […]

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  • Bologna opens to “condominium” Art: the recipe of Maionese

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    Ten emerging young artists, an uncommon familiar happening, a strange house-gallery at the gates of Bologna. And mayonnaise. As much as you want. The new project wanted by Sofia Campanini, Sissj Bassani and Veronica Armani, Maionese (the italian word for mayonnaise), is fresh air inside Bologna’s Art panorama, an irreverent and original experiment that wants […]