A Dutch who dreams Paris: Jan van der Ploeg

Renata Fabbri 2017 1

Cos’altro se non
saper uscire dalle corde
Mario Santiago

An hole of circularity on the rim of a linear contour. The effect is expansion, an escape from the supporting soundtrack, an alternation of full and empty that aspires to the fullness of plastic volumes, where the game of the palettes of a monumental pinball generates a flow of light and geometric shapes that assemble the space altering its usual features. Dialogue persists among the silhouettes, the colors and the building that hosts them, creating a bunch of unreleased historical references: Mondrian Neoplasticism, Theo van Doesburg’s De Stijl movement, along with street and urban art attitudes, Pachuca and Oaxaca de Juárez.

At the base of the chameleon painting by Jan Van Der Ploeg, presented by Renata Fabbri contemporary art through a recent series of acrylics on canvas and paper, besides the wall painting No. 445, there is the open space of infinite possibilities in a scenario of formidable energy, with the order and the precision of a dreamlike equilibrist: if in the first room, also visible from the outside, stands the wall painting with the known Grip (a shape borrowed from the sockets cardboard boxes, elaborate since 1997), it is on the lower floor that the work of art focuses on the edges of canvases, raw or painted with a vivid red, as if the trajectories did not run out in those traced by the elements exposed to the front view, while the silver works as a backdrop for acrylic N° 1702, a thick, compact but lightweight background for pink, red, white and its opposite printed above. Precious the silk-screen printing on paper with marine shades in the adjoining room, with a small size (29 x 21cm) but with an engaging unit force: “How do I choose the colors? In an intuitive way, there are color combinations I prefer, which appear more often, but I never follow precise rules such as, for example, Sol LeWitt did […] I feel more like an impressionist painter, “he said in 2013, demonstrating how to blend together perfection and vitality, immobility and movement. There and While.

The N° 444 wall painting painted for Zazà Ramen by Brendan Becht in Via Solferino 48 (until November 2017) is also to be enjoyed. A shared art project that took shape in the PS exhibition space founded by the artist in Amsterdam in 1999 (Public Space, Private Space, Post Scriptum …). A beautiful trip.

There and While – Jan van der Ploeg
Renata Fabbri arte contemporanea
Via Antonio Stoppani, 15/C – 20129 Milano
Until 15 September 2017

Renata Fabbri 2017 6

There and While – Jan van der Ploeg, Renata Fabbri arte contemporanea

Renata Fabbri 2017 2

There and While – Jan van der Ploeg, Renata Fabbri arte contemporanea

Renata Fabbri 2017 4

There and While – Jan van der Ploeg, Renata Fabbri arte contemporanea

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